Invited Speakers Thursday 4th September Friday 5 September Poster programme

Posters will be on display throughout the day on Thursday 4 September, with time specifically allocated for attendees to visit the posters from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. During this time, you should be next to your poster to answer questions.

Poster boards measure 2m high x 1m wide and are Velcro compatible. Velcro will be supplied. Please ensure your poster fits within these dimensions.


The stony cosmos of Andreas Pleninger
Reinhard Folk, University Linz, Austria


Before his time: the sad story of Edward Hutchinson Synge
John F Donegan and Denis Weaire, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


The Trinity pitch drop
Shane Bergin, Stefan Hutzler, David Whyte and Denis Weaire, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


The confronting of void space and ether in history: Ioannes Philoponos' approach and Michelson - Morley's experiment as key points for innovations
Manolis Kartsonakis, The Hellenic Open University, Greece


Before electromagnetism: a medieval multiverse created from the coupling of light and matter
R G Bower1, T C B McLeish1, B K Tanner1, H E Smithson2 and G E M Gasper1, Durham University, UK1 and Oxford University, UK2


A history of the clock paradox
Lucian Benguigui, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel


Rectifying the Brewster kaleidoscope
Philip Bradfield, university physics lecturer (retired), UK


Maxwell´s contributions to the methodology of physics
Juraj Šebesta, Comenius University, Slovakia


Foundational issues in the ensemble theory in the 1900s
Hajime Inaba, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Germany


The spirit of the Brocken: John Tyndall, Trinity House, and the world of divine optics
Stephen Courtney, University of Cambridge, UK


Einstein and the eclipses
Ajay Palekar, R.D.National College, India


Einstein's steady-state model of the cosmos
Cormac O Raifeartaigh1 and Simon Mitton2, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland1 and University of Cambridge, UK2


Early history of particle accelerators in the UK
Richard Walker, Diamond Light Source, UK


Circulation of physics knowledge in the XXth century as popular explanations: the case of Madame Wu experiment on parity violation in weak interactions
Eugenio Bertozzi, University of Bologna, Italy


Controversies about comets: Isaac Newton, Nicolas Hartsoeker, and early modern world-making
Catherine Abou-Nemeh, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Finding meaning in digital data: physics in the news, 1885-1925
Vivien Hamilton, Harvey Mudd College , USA


Historical development of geomagnetic studies in Turkey
Ferhat Ozcep, Istanbul University , Turkey


Johan Jakob Nervander - his life and achievements in geomagnetism
Peter Holmberg, University of Helsinski, Finland


Physical laboratory and instruments of Trinity College Dublin
Maurese Gargan, Laura Hayes and Rebecca Prouse, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Newton-Einstein theory-change from the dynamical perspective
Kyoung-Eun Yang, Korea National University of Education, South Korea


Electromagnetism and the real nature of physics: from Gauss, Riemann and Faraday to Maxwell, Einstein and Minkowski, passing by Kelvin and Tait
Joseph Kouneiher, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France


Review of light propagation in systems having relative movement of source, observer or transmitting medium
John Ballad, retired Research Associate, UK


Science and technology in ancient Egyptian architectures
Chitra Srinivasan, Sri Parasakthi College For Women, India


Re-thinking Newton's Principia as exposed within Newtonian Jesuit Edition
Raffaele Pisano1 and Paolo Bussotti2, University of Lille, France1 and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Berlin, Germany2


Lord Kelvin and the age of the earth
Edward Davis, University of Cambridge, UK


The legacy of the Third Baron Rayleigh
Edward Davis, University of Cambridge, UK


The prehistory of quantum gravity
Alessio Rocci, University of Padova, Italy


First experimental physics results in Bulgaria
G Kamisheva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria


The misconceptions of vision and representation of light rays in the Chinese book entitled On the Telescope
Yun-Ju Chiu, Feng-Yi Chen, Chang Gung University, Taiwan